About Me

RGFX is short for Revolution Graphics. It's just me, Raphael. My main goal as a business is to make my clients happy. I'm very interested in getting to know you and your business. Always looking for a way to help you grow so my business can grow too.

I have been on the cutting edge of website design for the last 14 + years. For the last eight, I have been working with companies all over the world. As you know the world is getting smaller every day. Advancements in technology and communication have made it easier to work from anywhere. I work in both Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Costa Rica.

Could be a thousand miles away, but I'll still provide exceptional service. You will feel like am part of your team.



The Rise of AOL

What I came to think of as the start of the internet. I remember having to convince companies why they needed a website. Going through the yellow pages, looking for the companies with the biggest ads. Companies were willing to give me a shot with this new marketing avenue. Those days are long gone, those days when being on the cutting edge was easy. I managed to make a mark with a little style and creativity. Adding life into otherwise boring websites


Macromedia Flash(animation)

Flash was the first animation platform for the web. Finally, we could surpass traditional design boundaries. Making websites interactive allowed clients to experience the site rather than simply view it.



As soon as I bought my first iPhone I knew it was time to rethink website design. I started working on adaptive websites long before the term "responsive" became trendy. Responsive design should go without saying these days. Seems like the rest of the web is finally catching up. When you see a company using this as a selling point you can be sure they are out of date.


Native Applications

Foreseeing the future, I decided not to spend energy on native applications. Not anticipating how much power Apple and Google would leverage. They threw massive amounts of money into their monopolistic market, leaving the free and open web behind. Fooling everyone into getting a percent on any new idea. Finally, web apps are at the level they should have been years ago. Secure, fast, and working offline. We can even port to a native operating system if we wanted to.

It will still take some time for the app store to fade away, but at least we know the end is coming.


Animation is back

Apple and Google both killed flash by not allowing it to port to their OS’s. To keep the games on their app stores ($). Humans adapt as we always do, and once again we have animation on the web. It's' even better than before and completely open. You’re only seeing the start now. Just like when flash first came out.


The Future

Always on the cutting edge, and constantly pushing the internet along. Now gearing up for the next revolution in graphics. Virtual Reality. Do you want to work with someone that is always just catching up or someone that is helping make them?

The future is going to be great.

Feel free to Contact me anytime, I will get back to you.